Cody’s Auto & Transmission — Superior Transmission Service in Temple, TX


Cody’s Auto & Transmission — Superior Transmission Service in Temple, TX

When it comes to owning a vehicle, proper maintenance is critical. One aspect of this is the transmission. The best way to avoid needing transmission service is by having an ASE certified technician check it annually when having your regular maintenance inspection done.

You want to stay safe on the road. The last thing you want to experience is getting stuck in an unfamiliar area due to a problem with the transmission. At Cody’s Auto & Transmission, located in Temple, TX, we can keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. If something goes wrong, we have the qualifications required for superior transmission repair.

Types of Transmissions: You might find it surprising that there are actually four distinct types of transmissions.
  • Automatic Transmission —. The automatic transmission uses a clutch, planetary gearset, and torque converter to shift automatically, meaning you do not do anything to shift the gears.
  • Manual Transmission —. With this, you would choose the gear manually. This requires shifting a gear knob and operating the clutch.
  • Automated Manual Transmission —. You would not control the clutch action. Instead, the vehicle shifts gear automatically via hydraulic, pneumatic, or electronic controls. This transmission allows for manual shifting through a gear selector of fully automated shifting.
  • Continuously Variable Transmission —. Also referred to as CVT, this is the type of transmission seen on newer vehicles. Rather than using gears, this system relies on sensors, belts, and pulleys. By keeping the vehicle in its optimal power range, fuel efficiency improves.

Tips for Choosing the Best Transmission Shop in Temple, TX: Look for a transmission shop that has experience and expertise working on the different types of transmissions. At Cody’s Auto & Transmission, we possess both. Using vast knowledge and cutting-edge diagnostics equipment, one of our ASE certified technicians will first identify the problem.

The technician will then go over the details of the findings with you, followed by making a professional recommendation.

Warning Signs of Having Transmission Trouble: Following are some of the warning signs of needing manual or automatic transmission repair.
  • Difficulty Switching Gears: Could indicate a low level of transmission fluid or the wrong type of fluid.
  • Odd Noises While in Neutral: Strange noises with the vehicle in neutral.

Burning Smell: Either the transmission fluid is old or the transmission itself is overheating.
  • Dragging Clutch: Typically, the clutch disk does not disengage from the flywheel when pressing on the clutch.
  • Slipping Gears: Gears slip in and out without notice, creating a potentially dangerous situation.
  • Fluid Leak: Leaked fluid on the driveway, garage floor, or where you park your vehicle at work.
  • Shaking or Grinding Sensation: Feeling the vehicle shake or grind while the gears shift.
  • Humming Sound: You might hear this noise or a clunking or whining sound.
  • Check Engine Light: A check engine light indicates many problems, including the need for manual or automatic transmission service.
  • No Response: Shifting gears without a response, especially when going from park to drive.

Early detection can result in a repair instead of needing the entire transmission replaced. Never ignore any of the warning signs. Instead, stop in to see us at Cody’s Auto & Transmission in Temple, TX, for the best transmission service. .

You can also schedule an appointment for the best transmission repair by giving us a call. Cody’s Auto & Transmission is your most trusted source for transmission repair. We have an outstanding team of experts eager to assist people in and around Temple, TX.